1. Submit
Authors can contribute by ARISE from time to time dedicated E-mail or online submission system. The author can provide periodical direction, according to our tentative selected a journal (final actual journals may employ appropriate adjustments according to the actual situation of author's paper do). After submission, agency staff will immediately give feedback, and keep the author of the paper, at the same time to ensure the confidentiality of the scientific research achievements of the author. Contribute specific way and the detailed information can see the filling information page.
2. Review
In order to speed up the process the author of the paper, the organizing committee is the manner in which increases with the increasing to the umpire, general paper submitted within 1-2 weeks after audit results are presented in (employment or perpetrated), modified employed. The agency will be according to the author, the topic of thesis determine the most appropriate journal published the paper. Audit results whether or not successful, the organizing committee will be in the form of an email direct feedback to the authors. At the same time, in order to ensure that the author published papers can be smoothly, the organizing committee will be in the process of reviewing the author puts forward some Suggestions on modification, and cooperate with the complete thesis.
3. The fee and registration
The author, after received the paper offer, the author will receive the final registration, including the name of the journal, the final version of the paper template and copyright form. Then, the author may, in accordance with the notice in the way of pay, pay the paper registration fees or fees. The fee charged by the organizing committee already contains the layout fee of paper itself, the author just one-time payment, won't produce any subsequent expenses. At the same time, the author according to the requirements of the notice in the, fill in the registry. In addition, the author also should be performed according to the final version of the template layout, fill out the copyright form. Finally, the author will registry, capture expends credentials (for example, the bank remittance receipt scanning), paper packaging, such as the final draft, copyright chart after compression in the form of an email sent to contribute this institution's special mailboxes. After receive your registration information and the agency costs, the same will be in the form of E-mail first time feedback to the author, author has officially completed registration.As an academic service institute, we cannot make sure  your article  will be accepted after submit to journal.No matter whether your article will be accepted, we will charge a registration fee of one thousand five hundred Yuan.Authors need to assume these responsibilities,and Indexing things are out of our control. We have no power to affect anything for a published paper being indexed, and we have never promised anything about it to our authors.
4. The paper
The organizing committee according to the order of the authors to register of regularly submitted to the corresponding to the author's paper journals, in order to facilitate communication and operation, and edit we will be free for the authors to register a mailbox, articles published, will be handed over to the author. After each periodical audit quality to decide whether to hire paper is on the basis of articles. At the same time, according to its own publishing journal aspect will progress, arrange paper presented and published them. The author simply wait patiently, do not need to perform any additional operations. The latest information on publication and published, the staff of the organizing committee will be the first time feedback to the authors. Paper by periodical aspects after the probation, the organizing committee will provide the author draw up invoices, can provide the invoice for two at present: 1) the electronic receipt provided by the foreign press; (2) provided by the organizing committee of the domestic paper invoice content for the registration fee or service fee or layout fee), the author can choose one of them.
5. Published after service (paper periodical mail and paper retrieval)
After the author's paper published, contact the organizing committee to the journal for the print version of the journal (except some journals published only electronic), and periodicals by Courier service directly to the author. Because of the foreign periodicals mailed to domestic need a certain amount of time, therefore, the author need to wait for this process. Because the area requirement for retrieving prove each different, paper retrieval that usually require issue in local search service, so the author in the paper to be retrieved later, can go to the university or the local authority retrieval institution issued retrieval.
Note: the author in the process of the above, have any questions, can through the mail, telephone contact with the organizing committee, the organizing committee staff answer in a timely manner.
1: in order to speed up the review, articles published and retrieval, the organizing committee of the convenient to adjust, the authors in the manuscript, please indicate the publication type + direction, or indicate the code, SCIX/EI (JA) X. Published SCI, such as the direction of the computer can be made during submission SCI + computer.
2: don't pay attention to the format, the first draft of the articles to be hired, will give the corresponding template.
3: the filling belongs to the journal directly filling, according to the author recommend to the corresponding journal publishes articles direction and retrieval.
4: article must be full English article, refused to lower levels, a draft cast more articles, etc.


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