The International Conference on Mechanical Automation and Materials Engineering (ICMAME 2023) will be held on May.27-28, 2023 in Wuhan, China. The aim of ICMAME 2023 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Mechanical Automation and Materials Engineering . It provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

Advanced Science and Engineering Technology Instutute (ASET) is in cooperation with Mechanical Automation and Materials Engineering. Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proofread and polished. Manuscripts are accepted with the understanding that they are original or extended version of previously published papers in conferences and/or journals and that, if the work received an official sponsorship, it has been duly released for open publication.This will ensure fast processing and publication. Any papers not fulfilling the requirements based on the guideline to authors will not be processed.

All accepted papers will be submitted to SCI/EI Journals Publication. 本次投稿录用的所有论文将推荐至EI期刊正刊出版 .检索类型JA. 部分高质量文章直接推荐至相关SCI期刊出版.(具体期刊信息、注册费用和出版时间在您投稿后有详细的邮件信息回复您)

2023机械自动化与材料工程国际会议(ICMAME2023)于2023年5月 27-28日在武汉举行,ICMAME2023致力于机械自动化与材料工程 等领域的专家学者提供一个学术交流和建立友谊的平台,使大家能够分享最新优秀的论文和研究成果,并共同 探讨关注行业发展问题。(具体期刊信息、注册费用和出版时间 在您投稿后有详细的邮件信息回复您)

Submission Papers


Template for Manuscripts

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline:

May. 20, 2023

Paper acceptance notification:

May. 22, 2023

Author Registration deadline:

May. 25, 2023

Conference dates:

May. 27-28, 2023

Invited Speakers


Alex Lyatonga Mrema, University of Dar es Salaam(UDSM), Dept. of Structural and Construction Engineering.

Assoc. Prof. X. Y Hu, School of Mechanical Engineering, Hubei University of Technology, Wuhan, China

Assoc. Prof. X. G Zhou, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China

Prof. Mazeyar Parvinzadeh Gashti, Dé partement de Chimie, Université Laval, Canada

Prof. Ph.D. Eng. Lv X. L College of Machinery & Automotive Engineering, Chuzhou University, China

Prof. Marcellina Chijoriga,Bill and Melinda Foundation, University of Dar es Salaam(UDSM)


Mr. Wang(微信公众号:aset2012)


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Tel: +86-13387663722 (as Wechat)

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To ensure the quality of the papers, all submissions should be full, original and unpublished and not be submitted for consideration or publication elsewhere. All submissions would be peer reviewed for the quality, originality and relevance to the event by the organizing committee.All submissions should not be less than 10 pages and submitted in Word or PDF with the template to



2022 International Conference on Mechanical Automation and Materials Engineering provides a forum for researchers and practitioners to come together to develop their understanding of both theory and practice in all aspects of Mechanical Automation and Materials Engineering. The broad scope of the conference reflects the increased use of technology in and between organizations as well as across cities, countries and continents. ICmame2023 will provide opportunities for people working and researching in the field to come together to share their knowledge and expertise.


1. Adaptive Control

2. Instruments and Vibration Control

3. Industrial Process Control

4. Flexible Manufacturing Systems

5. Computer Control Technology and Application

6. Motion Control

7. Optimal Control

8. Network Intelligence and Network Control

9. Nonlinear Systems and Control

10. Material Processing and Control


11. Intelligent and Ai Based Control

12. Manufacturing Control and Automation Engineering

13. Transport Control Theory and Methodologies

14. System Engineering Theory and Practice

15. Multi-Agent Systems

16. Vehicle Engineering and Safe

17. Biomedical Engineering and Biosystems Automation

18. Electronic Commerce and Office Automation

19. Electrical Engineering and Automation

20. Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics



22. Signal Processing Theory & Methods

23. Mechanical and Liquid Flow Dynamic

24. Intelligent Automation

25. Learning Systems

26. Fault Detection

27. Fuzzy and Neural Systems

28. Building Intelligent Control System

29. Thermal Process Modeling and Intelligent Control

30. Construction Mechanization


31. Water Power Construction Equipment

32. Cryptography and Security

33. E-Activities

34. Real-Time Systems

35. Functional Materials

36. Ceramics and Glass

37. Luminescent and Optical Materials

38. Composite Materials

39. Polymer Materials Science

40. Bio and Medical Materials